KFC Trolls Donald Trump Over Kim Jong-Un Bigger Button Tweet

Over the past few years, fast food brands have done a great job at pulling odd publicity grabs to get themselves inserted into people’s conversations on social media.

Last week the Twitter account for KFC in the United Kingdom and Ireland took a humorous pot shot at American President Donald Trump’s recent tweet that insulted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by comparing the size of nuclear buttons in the ongoing, and somewhat bizarre, un-presidential pissing contest between the two leaders

Trump’s original Tweet was:


KFC, not missing a beat, replaced Kim Jong-un with their rival McDonald’s in the following Tweet:


As yet, the KFC-loving Trump has issued no rebuttal to the brand’s trolling at his expense. Chances are though, we won’t be seeing more photos of Trump enjoying KFC.

Or, we’d imagine, his VP Mike Pence either.

Carry on.


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