KFC ‘Just Pick Up’ Campaign in Thailand Taps 100 ‘Wait In Line Aunties’


KFC Thailand


CJ Worx

CJ Worx, together with KFC Thailand, has created a campaign with 100 “Wait-In-Line Aunties” to promote KFC Just Pick-up service.

KFC Thailand wanted to relaunch its “self-pick-up” service with the new name “Just Pick up” with the objective of shining a lights on the benefits consumers will get from using this service. Most Thai consumers are not yet familiar with self-pick-up service and not only do they have no idea how they can benefit from it, but some of them also don’t even know what the service is at all, says the brand

According to the campaign, however, the young Thai generation is well known to use the “wait-in-line service” that is mostly run by “aunties”, who queue up in their place, whether to buy a new iPhone14, limited edition sneakers or to secure a table at a newly opened restaurant.


So, in order to demonstrate in an easy and simple way that using Just Pick up means consumers no longer have to queue up at the store, KFC utilized these local insights to launch the “KFC Wait In Line Aunties x 100” live stunt campaign.

According to the campaign:


“All 100 aunties were dressed up in a complete head-to-toe uniformed swag look to attract all passersby with the message “This Queue, we wait for you” on the back side. All 100 aunties queued up starting from the instore counter, with the lines spilling out of the store and taking up the whole front of the KFC stores and other places all over Bangkok. The lines ended up being longer than the iPhone14 line! KFC Thailand was able to deliver the message that by using Just Pick up service through KFC App, consumers will no longer have to queue up by themselves. The campaign is wrapped up with a tutorial film of how to order KFC through Just Pick up service in a simple way, shown by no one else but the aunties themselves.”

The campaign was able to gain new numbers of KFC app downloads and not only register the name “Just Pick up” to Thai people but also change their purchasing behaviors to use “Just Pick up” when they visit the KFC stores, said CJ Worx.

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