KFC Celebrates Thailand’s Rich Heritage With the Songkran Bucket 2024

During the Songkran Festival, the streets of Thailand are alive with music, laughter, and a bucket full of the Colonel’s best, according to a new campaign from KFC.

With the vibrant spirit of Thailand’s beloved Songkran Festival, KFC Thailand served up a special tribute to the essence of home with the launch of its Songkran Bucket 2024, “a crispy fried, delectable journey to Thailand’s cultural heart.”

“There’s nothing quite like the comfort of home, especially when it comes to enjoying a delicious meal surrounded by loved ones,” says Suhayl Limbada, CMO of KFC Thailand.


“At KFC, we understand the significance of homecoming, and this year, we’re delighted to commemorate our 40th Anniversary in parallel in Thailand, with a bucket that encapsulates the warmth and flavours of home,” says Limbada.

According to the campaign, in true KFC spirit, the KFC Songkran Bucket 2024 is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, artfully depicted on its limited-edition packaging. Each bucket is a nostalgic journey through Thailand’s landscapes of smiles, evoking the feeling of reuniting with family and friends for a special meal during the auspicious season of Songkran.

Packaged with love, and bursting with the essence of Songkran, the Bucket’s design is certainly a keepsake. KFC fans in Thailand will no doubt experience the nostalgic feeling of home, sharing their memories of this occasion with loved ones, during this prosperous Songkran.


Image via KFC

But the magic doesn’t end with the bucket’s exterior, said KFC, open this culinary treasure chest, and you’ll discover a finger-lickin’ feast of KFC favourites, including Fried Chicken, Wingz Zabb, Chicken Pop, and French Fries, all for just 399 Baht. With KFC’s Songkran Bucket, who needs a plane ticket to experience the joys of home?

“It’s a homecoming of its own, and a party in a bucket too, guaranteed to keep you full and happy throughout the Songkran festivities,” said Limbada.

The KFC Songkran Bucket is available from March 28 to April 24, 2024, at participating KFC outlets across Thailand. 


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