Kevin Swanepoel and Jo Jackson to Discuss Future Landscape of Advertising Creativity at AdAsia 2023 Seoul

“The advertising industry is leading social changes beyond industries and economies, promoting inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and more.”

The CEOs of the world’s leading creative advertising awards, D&AD and The One Show, will be participating in AdAsia 2023 Seoul, where they will discuss the future of advertising creativity.

The AdAsia 2023 Seoul Organizing Committee (General Chair Nack-hoi Kim) announced that at the conference session on ‘Creative and Creativity’, to be held on October 26th, Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club for Creativity, will present on ‘The Next Creative Revolution’ and Jo Jackson, CEO of D&AD, will speak on ‘The Future of New Creativity’.

The One Show and D&AD, the world’s leading creative advertising awards representing the United States and Europe, are known for their non-commercial focus and for being one of the most challenging awards to win. The CEOs of The One Show and D&AD are dedicated to nurturing future creative talent and promoting a healthy advertising culture. As such, this concurrent gathering of their leaders itself is garnering significant attention.


Kevin Swanepoel, as the CEO of the non-profit organization The One Club for Creativity, is committed to expanding global initiatives for education, inclusivity, diversity, gender equality, and professional development. Notably, he hosts the ADC Awards, which has a history of over 100 years, and The One Show, one of the top three advertising awards, renowned for setting industry trends.

The One Club also operates various programs to nurture future advertising talent and racially diverse advertising professionals. It hosts awards such as the Young Ones for students, and Young Guns for young advertisers, as well as programs and support systems like Colorful for young creators of color, and the Young School for promising Black students. Swanepoel’s forecasts on the future trends in advertising and the capabilities of advertisers are eagerly awaited.

Looking ahead to the event, Swanepoel notes, “We plan to discuss the role and power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a catalyst that opens up new possibilities for creativity and innovation. It will be a forum to discuss how we should embrace change at this crucial juncture where the creative industry is evolving.”

D&AD, established in 1962 to promote excellence in advertising and design, is a non-profit organization and education group that currently hosts the world’s hippest D&AD awards. The D&AD Awards, also one of the world’s top three advertising awards, are known for being challenging to win, so much so that there are sometimes no winning entries for their top award, the Black Pencil. Jo Jackson, an industry leader in branding and marketing, was appointed the CEO of D&AD in 2022 and has since overseen the D&AD Awards. She has driven creative campaigns for global brands such as Diesel, Adidas, Samsung, Diageo, and boasts expertise and strategies in various aspects of modern brand marketing, from brand strategy to content creation, digital channels, and immersive real-life experiences that foster communication and consumer engagement.


In addition, D&AD has operated a diverse range of programs from its inception for nurturing creative talent. It runs the New Blood Awards and New Blood Academy for future advertising talent, as well as D&AD Masterclasses. More specifically, it hosts a talent cultivation program for those wanting to enter the creative industry, dubbed ‘SHIFT’, in collaboration with Google. At the conference, Jo Jackson is expected to deliver an important message to the next generation of Asian advertisers.

Jo Jackson notes, “The advertising industry is leading social changes beyond industries and economies, promoting inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and more. I have great expectations for AdAsia 2023 Seoul being held in Korea, especially in Seoul, which is driving these changes. I am pleased to have the opportunity to discuss fostering new creatives and advertising professionals in this new era with Asian advertisers. Let’s meet in Seoul in October,”.

AdAsia 2023 Seoul, the largest festival in Asia in the field, will be held at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul from October 24th to 27th. The presentations by globally renowned scholars will take place over three days starting from the 25th, where the future direction for the industry will be contemplated and discussed through diverse themes in advertising, digital content, media, creativity, and marketing communication.

Participants who wish to attend AdAsia 2023 Seoul can apply for registration through the official website (

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