Kareena Kapoor Khan Stars in New Lux Ad

    Khan is joined by her husband Saif Ali Khan, a star in his own right.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 3, 2021
    Kareena Kapoor Khan Stars in New Lux Ad

    Lux, a Unilever soap brand, launched a new spot starring film star Kareena Kapoor Khan that highlights the stereotypes and judgments pregnant women often face. The spot was created by Wunderman Thompson South Asia.

    “This campaign with Lux is special to me. This is my second pregnancy and I fully subscribe to the view that one should continue to break stereotypes and do what you love! At the end, doing what you love is really what makes you glow,” said Khan.

    Pregnant women are expected to sit at home and do little. But according to Khan, that’s a thing of the past. The actress, who is pregnant in real life, professes to her husband, film star Saif Ali Khan, that even during pregnancy she’s doing what she loves.

    “Women are often bombarded with judgements that define how they should live, look or behave. Even during pregnancy, everyone has a say on how she should express or carry herself,” added Severine Vauleon, global brand vice president, Lux.

    “But why can’t a woman be pregnant and still lead a full glorious life? At Lux we believe that a woman should be able to do what makes her glow – at all stages of life, including while she’s pregnant! With this initiative we encourage women to celebrate being unstoppable!”

    “We wanted to create a conversation about the many societal biases women face. And when she is pregnant, these biases and judgements just increase. Kareena has been a torchbearer for the fact that pregnancy doesn’t stop a woman from doing what she wants to do,” said Kishore Tadepalli, SVP and managing partner, Wunderman Thompson, Mumbai.

    “It helped us tell a real story about what she feels and represents. Lux as a brand has always shown a powerful, positive side of women. They are not just beautiful, they are strong individuals too. For when a woman wants to glow, nothing really can stop her.”


    Client: Hindustan Unilever, Lux
    Agency: Wunderman Thompson
    Project Head: Roneeta Ghosh, Vice President
    AVP & Sr. Creative Director (Copy): Anupam Basu
    Creative Consultant: Louella Rebello
    Sr. Creative Director (Art): Vijay Solanki

    Account Management

    Associate Vice President: Aditi Shivdasani
    Account Executive: Shampita Dey


    Produced by: Firecracker
    Team: Meeta Dave and Saisha Kapur
    Director: Arunima Sharma
    Music: Mikey McCleary


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