Kalki Koechlin gets ‘Kinky’ for Sexual Freedom – and Vodka

IICE Vodka has launched a ‘Kinky Chilli’ flavor and an ad campaign starring Bollywood star Kalki Koechlin to get the word out.

The 91-second clip, while not “kinky” per se, certainly checks all the boxes in the sexy column. And we like it.

Koechlin’s dialogue revolves around issues of sexual orientation, voicing the need to fiercely protect and fight for one’s freedom of choice. Even if it’s advertising, she will set the rules on who she can love, she says.


The film was put together by an in-house team working together with Old School Films.

On their YouTube page IICE writes:

They tell us what to wear,They tell us what to eat, They tell us whom to love. They. Set. The. Rules. We’re supposed to follow and we follow. YOU follow.


At IICE, we’re fighters for a cause, rebels for a reason. We know what we want and we’re unapologetic about it. We want freedom, We want respect, We want to do what We want to do.

We want to take back control. That’s why we want to listen to you #PourItOut. So Pour it out, Pour it ALL out because there is no way in hell we’re going to sit back and let ‘Them’ take away freedom.

We are at war. Whose side are you on?

We’re not sure, but let’s have a drink and talk it out.

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