Junaid Hakim Makes the Jump to Brandie

    He makes the move from GroupM.

    By The Staff - May 20, 2021
    Junaid Hakim Makes the Jump to Brandie

    Junaid Hakim has been named National Director for India at Brandie, a Word of Mouth marketing platform on social media.

    Hakim will oversee Brandie’s growth in the Indian market, and be responsible for developing stakeholder engagement and driving sales and new business development. He will also ensure the continuous evolution of Brandie’s product and offerings to keep pace with evolving needs of the market. He makes the jump from GroupM, where he served as GM, heading up Dell’s media account in India.

    Previously, Hakim led the digital and new business development arm at Medicacom Bangalore.

    “As per McKinsey, WOM is much more influential than advertising in driving brand consideration at each stage of the decision journey. Yet the Indian ad industry stands at $ 11BN and investments in WOM are near zero. This is partly because we have not been able to figure out ways to drive WOM,” said Junaid.

    “Brandie addresses this latent need by offering a platform for brands to engage with their existing customers to generate UGC and drive WOM / brand advocacy. I am sure, in Brandie, we have an industry-disrupting offering. The challenge is we have an industry first offering and people are unfamiliar with it, so it will take a little bit of awareness and education around the product for adoption to happen. That’s what I am going to focus on in my first 4-6 months at Brandie.”

    Hakim will be based in Bangalore, India, where he will direct nationwide operations and coordinate with Brandie’s global team in Sweden.

    “The global impact of COVID-19 has fundamentally impacted the marketing industry and highlighted the growing importance of WOM marketing and customer advocacy. Junaid’s vast experience, strategic perspective, and operational focus will play a vital role in strengthening Brandie’s core leadership team and ensure our continued fast growth and adoption amongst agencies and brands in one of our core markets,” commented Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder, Brandie.


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