Julie’s Makes Bread Out of a Sexist Gym Rat

    The response we never knew we needed to all gym assholes.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 14, 2021
    Julie’s Makes Bread Out of a Sexist Gym Rat

    Julie’s Bakeshop has launched an outrageous new ad as they celebrate 40 years in business. The spot was directed by Marius Talampas.

    What’s the proper response to a sexist dick in the gym? You could ignore him. You could scream at him. Or, well, you could roll him into dough, spread some flour and seasoning on top, chop him up and bake him until he’s golden brown.

    As Julie’s Bakeshop turns 40 they’ve got a message for all 40-year-olds at the gym. You can be fresh too!

    It’s hard not to laugh at the over-the-top surreal spot. It’s a perfect mix of outlandish humor and deadpan acting.

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