Julie’s Biscuits Bring Smiles to Sea and Space

    The spot follows Julie's recent rebrand.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 8, 2021
    Julie’s Biscuits Bring Smiles to Sea and Space

    Malaysian snack company Julie’s has launched a spot to promote their brand reboot and new brand idea to ‘Bridge the World.’ The campaign was created by Superunion and features a score from Two AM.

    The 50-second animated short features Julie’s cookies bringing smiles to faces and spreading peace from the depths of the sea to outer space.

    It’s just the latest in what seems to be a growing trend of consumer products bringing peace and happiness. We can’t say we’re surprised following the last year or so.

    Nevertheless, it’s a lighthearted fun piece of advertising and we’re suckers for pretty animation.

    “Julie’s is such a well-loved brand, and it’s been a privilege to walk with them on this rebranding journey. We knew we wanted a complete brand experience that would help the brand work across platforms, and Two AM were fantastic partners in helping us achieve that,” said Jessica Tan, Digital Design Director.

    “They worked tirelessly to capture the nostalgia and charm of the brand in the film. We’re delighted with the result and look forward to a bright future for the brand.”


    Title: Brand Refresh Introduction Film
    Client: Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

    Agency: Superunion
    Joao Seabra, Digital Creative Director
    Jessica Tan, Digital Design Director
    Creative Director: Scott Lambert
    Senior Designers: Daniel Goh, Jie Ni Liew, Fu Le
    Digital Designer: Paola Demichelis
    Client Director: Saiveer Joneja
    Client Manager: Puay Lin Ang, Senior

    Music & Sound Design: Two AM Music Global

    Production House: Post Office Studios
    Director: Aditya Tawde
    Executive Producer: Kanchan Parikh
    Creative Producer: Ankur Chakravarty
    Character and Layout Designs: Michael Abarca
    Rough Storyboards: Pankaj Gole and Hesaka Sumi
    Storyboard Animatics: Elena Velasco
    Keyframe Animation: Michael Abarca and Elena Velasco
    Logo Animation: Saurabh Vashistha
    Cleanups and Colouring: Michael Abarca, Elena Velasco, Saurabh
    Vashistha, Shiyamek Dasgupta and Juliana Rueda


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