The Other John Lewis Featured in Twitter Christmas Ad

One of the world’s most awaited Christmas ads every year is the annual John Lewis offering. This year did not disappoint with a wonderfully done, widely-shared ad starring Elton John and the story of his first piano.

Twitter has taken a clever approach with its own John Lewis to highlight a real-life case of mistaken identity on their platform that results in tens of thousands of conversations directed towards and about @JohnLewis – a lecturer at Virginia Tech who shares the same name.

“This Christmas. Join the conversation. Even if it’s by mistake”


In the one-minute spot, John Lewis patiently replies to Tweets that should actually be directed towards @JLandPartners. He replies on everything from product queries to references to the famed John Lewis ads over the years.

The platform has branded the campaign #NotARetailstore in a nod to the comment on Lewis’ bio trying to let people know that he is not who they think.

“I think it’s hilarious that people mistake me for the UK store and I do my best to direct them to the right place,” Lewis told The Guardian. “I see a massive spike in tweets at this time of year and I always watch the John Lewis advert, especially as it becomes a big part of my conversation.”

Lewis has had his Twitter handle since 2007 and he says that the retailer John Lewis has never offered to buy his presence.

Here’s the other John Lewis ad from this year:

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