John Jacobs Releases Inspirational ‘Stay Seen’ Campaign via Talented Agency

Two eyes. So much to see and be seen for.

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Eye-fashion brand, John Jacobs has released its first-ever brand film via Talented Agency India. Directed by Bosco Bhandarkar, and produced by Puff Productions, this high fashion film aims to target a pull at your heartstrings, while it treats the viewer as the intelligent viewer they are.

Featuring a collective of moving, uplifting narratives inspired by a variety of lived experiences, the film’s narrative sets a new benchmark for storytelling in fashion brands. Fashion advertising usually resorts to a template starring great looking models or celebrities, super-stylised editorial shots, and a logo superimposed at the end.

Stay Seen breaks from that very template with a strong, fresh perspective on eyewear marketing that doesn’t separate the good-looking from good-feeling. Instead of uptight and self indulgent, the film is real and vulnerable.


Apeksha Gupta, CEO, John Jacobs, said: “From the get-go we didn’t want this to be a product film. We wanted it to showcase what our brand stands for. And the manifesto of ‘Stay Seen’ does exactly that–puts the spotlight on the wearers, not the glasses. The spirit of Stay Seen reflects the brand’s core ethos–transparency, authenticity and originality.”

Pooja Manek, Founding Member and Creative, Talented who wrote the film, said: “While thinking of the concept, we went down to the most philosophically primal need we have as a human being–to see a myriad of new things as life happens, and we want to ‘be seen’ and heard as our most authentic selves. This film takes inspiration from the profound storytelling style of coming-of-age films–a showcase of protagonists learning about friendships, love, ageing, immortality, self expression, and more, through the moments they experience. It all starts with seeing something in a new light.”

Bosco Bhandarkar, the director of Stay Seen, said: “The real challenge and opportunity was to make sure the emotions don’t take a backseat while we do justice to showcasing the product in every sequence. Our music director, Rahul Pais from The Jamroom, experimented with a host of genres before arriving at soulful electronic pop to make this film sound as evocative as it looks. The clients allowed us massive creative and cinematic liberty and we’re chuffed with the final output.”


John Jacobs believes in the power of self-expression through eye-fashion. Launched in 2015, the brand blends form and function in equal measure, crafting modern and intricate eyewear for discerning customers.


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