Jessica Alba Finds Herself in the Latest Great Dubai Presents Campaign Film

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 24, 2021
    Jessica Alba Finds Herself in the Latest Great Dubai Presents Campaign Film

    Dubai Tourism and Mother have launched the latest film in the “Dubai Presents” series of blockbuster trailers starring Jessica Alba and Zac Efron.

    In the latest trailer, called “Dubai Presents: A Captivating Saga” and created by Mother, the Hollywood stars play characters in a period drama set in Dubai in the 1950s. The film centers around the story of a young aviation pioneer, Alba, at a crossroads in search of the conviction and answers she needs to beat the odds.

    Spoiler alert, the answers are within herself the whole time!


    The one-minute film directed by Craig Gillespie, hints at an itinerary packed with hidden gems – from uncovering the city’s rich history dating back to the Iron Age to a perfect day spent on a desert oasis; indulging in a delectable Emirati meal over a campfire, and learning about Bedouin traditions from falconry to astronomy and more.

    The blockbuster trailer pays homage to the city’s multicultural roots as it prepares to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee and the start of Expo 2020 Dubai. Shot on location in Dubai with the city backdrop acting as the set, the films will run in digital, cinema and TV media in 27 global markets in 15 languages.


    This is the fourth trailer in the global campaign starring Alba and Efron. Previous instalments were “Dubai Presents: A Brand New You”; “Dubai Presents: A Romance to Remember”; and “Dubai Presents: A Five-Star Mission”.


    Client: Dubai Tourism
    Creative: Mother
    Production Company: MJZ
    Director: Craig Gillespie
    D.O.P: Nicolas Karakatsanis
    Producer: Martha Davis
    Overseas Production Company: Stoked
    Edit House: Exile
    Editors: Shane Reid, Nick Gilberg, Will Butler and Brendan Jenkins (Ten Three)
    Post House: Electric Theatre Collective
    Post Producer: Jon Purton
    Production coordinator:Emma Hughes
    VFX supervisor: Ryan Knowles
    VFX leads: Sarah Crux, Ally Burnett, Ruben Llusia, Hani AlYousif
    VFX artists: Alberto Pizzocchero, Daniel Brewster, Adam Woolrich, Ludvig Hallenius, Christian Block, Doruk Saglam, Kia Coates Stirling Archibald , Thiago Vilas Boas, Heather Costa, Will Medcalf, Tane Welham, Chris Fraser, Kieran Jordan, Oscar Tornincasa, Julie Cruette, Luke Butler, Dave Birkill, Gareth Williams, Adam Darrah
    Sound: 750mph
    Sound Engineers: Sam Ashwell (lead), Jeff Smith, Tom Joyce, Mike Bovil and Jake Ashwell
    Music Company: duotone audio group
    Creative Director/Founder: Peter Nashel
    Composer: Peter Nashel
    Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman
    Senior Music Producer: Giovonni Lobato

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