Dr. Jerry Kliatchko on the Importance of Recognizing Brands that Go Beyond Simply Advertising

Launching back in 2005, at a time when terms such as “brand purpose” or “ads for good” were not prevalent in marketing communication parlance, the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards sought to change that as a platform that recognized creative and effective brands with purpose, and a seamless integration of creativity + purpose + results.

According to Dr. Jerry Kliatchko, organizer of the awards and the dean of the Integrated Marketing Communication program at the School of Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific, the Philippines-based awards show sought to create a platform where brands correlated purpose with purchase.

“The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards is not an award show for CSR advertising, advocacy, ads for charity, or ads for good, even if those campaigns are welcome and encouraged to enter,” said Kliatchko.


“Since the inception of Tambuli, the award has always focused on mainstream brand campaigns that celebrate humanity, inspire purpose, and deliver results.”

Kliatchko adds that recognizing, and thus encouraging this kind of work creates an environment that goes beyond the drive for sales and profits.

“The award encourages brands to promote values or purpose in their core marketing communication campaigns to positively inspire millions of consumers across the globe to do good for humanity,” said Kliatchko.


“Our experience over the past thirteen years in running the award show reveals that clients like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and several others, have been able to demonstrate that brands that stand for a meaningful purpose are those that resonate powerfully with people, and effectively deliver business results.”

Agency and client entrants to the award show also contribute to the development of future talent for the marketing communications industry in Asia Pacific, through the Tambuli Scholarship Fund.

Part of the entry fees generated from the entries goes towards building a scholarship program for students in the IMC program at the University of Asia and the Pacific, the organizer of the award show.

Deadline for submission of entries is on March 29, 2019. The complete list of categories and entry form are available at www.tambuliawards.asia.