Jeep’s Get Out the Vote in India Gives Rides to Voters in Remote Rural Areas

    By The Staff - May 9, 2019
    Jeep’s Get Out the Vote in India Gives Rides to Voters in Remote Rural Areas

    One of the difficulties with getting more people to participate in the Indian democratic process is that many people simply don’t have easy access to voting booths due to living in rural areas with poor roads.

    With the Indian general elections underway, the Jeep brand’s mantra of ‘Go anywhere. Do anything’, mapped out some of the most inaccessible areas for voters based on distance, landscape and accessibility, and identified a few villages whose inhabitants had yet to vote due to the long and difficult walk to the nearest polling booth.

    After almost year of research, mapping and planning logistics, Jeep arranged for a convoy of cars to ferry the residents to their closest polling booths. After multiple trips negotiating challenging terrain, several people were able to cast their vote for the first time ever.


    “What better way to showcase Jeep’s capability than giving Indians who have never voted a voice,” said Rajdeepak Das, MD, India & Chief Creative Officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett We have been living with this idea for over a year now, and it’s satisfying to see it executed.”

    “Brand Jeep is about taking on tough challenges,” said Rahul Pansare, CMO & Head of PR, FCA India. “What could be a better opportunity to showcase what Jeep can do than the biggest election in the world?”



    CEO – Publicis Communications and Leo Burnett, South Asia: Saurabh Varma
    MD – India & CCO, Leo Burnett South Asia: Rajdeepak Das
    MD – India & CSO, Leo Burnett South Asia: Dheeraj Sinha
    COO – West: Rakesh Hinduja
    National Creative Directors: Sachin Kamble, Prajato Guha Thakurta
    Executive Creative Director: Arjuna Gaur
    Account Management: Sanju Menon, Aman Sheikh, Hitesh Ramrakhyani
    Production House: Prodigious

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