Jeana Khoury Signs on With The Sweetshop For Representation in ASIA

The Sweetshop has announced that Director Jeana Khoury has signed on for representation in Asia. As a filmmaker, Khoury’s directorial style demonstrates “an enigmatic and heartfelt approach to storytelling,” The Sweetshop said of the director.

With a diverse portfolio that spans from light-hearted fashion to compelling beauty campaigns and visually rich food projects, Khoury has earned her reputation as a multifaceted director having worked with brands including KFC, Toyota, Hyundai, Environ, and Jo’Burg Ballet.

Jeana’s path crossed with The Sweetshop, during her early days as a Creative Researcher where she developed a great admiration for Founding partner and current Global co-CEO, Melanie Bridge’s directorial work.


“I knew about The Sweetshop from my early days of researching. I knew Melanie’s work, admiring it and being inspired by it and always got excited when a new piece came out on Shots. Then when I moved to Amsterdam, Matthys Boshoff, a The Sweetshop director and fellow South African said I should drop them a line. I was introduced to Jenny and Penny and that’s how we crossed paths. And the rest is history…”

Bridge added: “When Jenny and Penny first introduced me to Jeana’s work, there was an instant connection. There was something in her films that resonated with my own early work as a director. Meeting Jeana was a heartwarming surprise because she wasn’t just a fan, but had also studied my work as a young director’s assistant, it all clicked into place. It was a no-brainer to welcome Jeana to our team. Not only is she a remarkably talented director, but she’s also such a joy to be around. Her intelligence and unwavering work ethic are inspiring, and Jeana is the perfect collaborator, always bringing that extra special spark to the table.

Regional BDM Asia / Senior Producer Jenny Crabb and Executive Producer Penny Woo said, “We are absolutely delighted to have Jeana join our Asia roster. Not only is her work powerful, versatile and above all visually striking, but she also has a wonderful ability to bring the stories of women to life in a nuanced and compelling way. We can’t wait to see what we can do together – welcome to the Sweetshop!”

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