Japan’s Washable Smartphone – Check Email in the Shower

Japanese firm Kyocera has released what’s billed as the world’s first fully washable smartphone. The DIGNO Rafre is built with a tough, yet flexible Dragontrail X glass screen and “handsoap-washable water resistant” technology that allows it to be exposed to hot water up to 43 degrees celsius (110 F).

While the phone is being marketed for its washability, perhaps the best feature is the fact that you can take it in the bath or the shower with you. Come on, you know you wanna check emails during your morning shower.

The shockproof phone comes in three bright colors, and includes a dock that is shaped like rubber duck.


Here’s the tv ad they’re running for it in Japan. It’s got some kind of fun, 1950’s surrealist, too many cocktails at dinner thing going on. Check it out.


Currently only available in Japan, the DIGNO Rafre runs Android on a five inch, 720p screen, with 16GB storage and a 13MP camera and retails for around $465. No word on if or when it will be available in other markets.

Check out the Japanese site for more info.

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