Japan’s ‘Three Seconds Cooking Shrimp Flying Cannon’ Will Blow Your Mind

A pair of whacky commercials once again shows that Japanese brand makers are always ready to put an entirely new spin on your very existence.

There are certainly easier ways to prepare crustaceans, but that’s for the real world. This is TV and, dammit, we expect more. After decades of televised whackiness, Japanese audiences have some pretty high standards.

Allow me to set the scene.


Two women, one older, one younger.

Four shrimp, shot from a glass tube cannon through the air at high speed.

As the shrimp make their way from point “A” to point “B” they are:

  1. Doused with flour
  2. Battered in eggs
  3. Bathed in breadcrumbs
  4. Flash-grilled in a flamethrower

They then touch down perfectly cooked on a plate ready to serve. Really.


Wait, it’s an ad for a cellular company?

No, this was not a promo for a cooking show, it’s a branding campaign by NTT Docomo –of Japan’s biggest cellular service provider.  The “shrimp cannon” concept was conceived to demonstrate the high-speed capabilities of Docomo’s LTE network.

Clever stuff. And the bar has been set higher for the next poor team assigned with getting the attention of Japanese TV viewers.

Here is the second spot from the campaign: Three second Fried Dumplings.


Sadly, for the teen inventor in all of us, the amazing spectacle is just that: spectacle. Not that we are not entirely encouraging you to try this at home!

You can visit Docomo on the web at www.nttdocomo.co.jp

Ads conceived and created by the Tokyu Agency.


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