Japan’s Homeless Bed Collection – A Clever Campaign to Raise Awareness

Homelessness is an increasing problem in Japan and and especially difficult issue as it is often viewed as the fate that one brings upon oneself.

To raise awareness and donations to this ongoing crisis, Ogilvy & Mather created the Homeless Beds Collection –a clever campaign for Megamax, Japan’s leading bed and furniture megastore, and Moyai, the Japanese Association for the Homeless.

Homeless Poster_CarPark Homeless Poster_Pavement Homeless Poster_StationBench Homeless Poster_UnderPath


Using elements that mimic the streets of Tokyo, like rough asphalt mud, dirty cement and stinky sewer lids with rats, the beds replicate in detail the horrible conditions where thousands sleep in every night.

The beds were supported by an integrated campaign and displayed at Megamax’s flagship store to great impact. For an unexpected finale, its message will now reach the most powerful politicians on earth, as the collection was selected to be displayed at the G7 Summit taking place at the end of May in Japan.