Japan’s Best Brand Ranking for 2017 Shows 6.3% Growth Globally says Interbrand

Interbrand Japan has released its ninth annual Best Japan Brands 2017 report ranking the value of brands originating in Japan. The top 10 is once again dominated by automotive brands.

The total monetary value of Japan’s global brands (those whose overseas sales exceeded 30%) has grown 6.3% while the value of domestic brands grew 0.5% compared to last year, the report said.

The ranking was dominated by automotive brands and financial brands which had 11 entries each accounting for more than 50% of the top 40. Five of the top ten spots were occupied by automotive brands, with Toyota at #1 for the ninth consecutive year, followed by Honda (#2, -4%), Nissan (#4, +22%), Lexus (#9, +10%), and Subaru (#10, +28%).


Subaru had the highest brand value growth rate for the fourth consecutive year to earn its place in the top 10 for the first time. Overall, the Top 40 included 11 automotive brands.

Japan’s Best Global Brands

Top 5 in Brand Growth

Subaru (#10, +28%)

Subaru continued the double-digit growth in brand value it has experienced since first being ranked in 2012. This is the fourth consecutive year (since 2014) that Subaru has taken the #1 spot for the rate of its brand value growth. The company held its position by pioneering and focusing on the American market through value-centered upon its slogan “Enjoyment and peace of mind.”

Nissan (#4, +22%)

Nissan expanded efforts to increase the value of its brand, using business and product strategy and the revitalization of the point-of-contact customer experience as major pillars by which it could gain a competitive edge. These efforts to sustain the brand over main years have proven to be a clear success.


MUJI (#19, +20%)

MUJI entered the JBGB for the first time this year after exceeding more than 30% of its sales ratio overseas. MUJI cultivated its global customer base by understanding the needs of customers in China and Europe and proposing an attractive simple lifestyle. Better awareness of the brand overseas also increased sales to tourists in Japan.

Shimano (#22, +20%)

Shimano fiercely defended its position as the top brand worldwide for bicycle components by establishing Shimano as the default standard for everything bicycle. The company clarified its differentiating factors to achieve a premium status, while earning high brand value through greater profitability.

Tokio Marine (#15, +19%)

As a result of actively advancing its overseas expansion as a leader in the insurance industry, Tokio Marine has joined the JBGB this year after exceeding a 30% ratio of sales overseas. The company has enhanced its global presence by actively unifying itself into one brand through M&A.

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