Japanese Virtual Influencer Imma Launches Magnum Matcha in China

    By Harold Henry - Aug 31, 2020
    Japanese Virtual Influencer Imma Launches Magnum Matcha in China

    Ice cream brand Magnum China has partnered with virtual influencer Imma,  to launch its new flavor Magnum Matcha, which is now available in China.

    The campaign, created by Fred & Farid Shanghai, is a continuation of the creative platform “Never Stop Playing”, an attitude about being true to your pleasure, whatever it is.

    Imma, the computer-generated virtual model from Japan, was created by Tokyo-based CG company Modeling Cafe.


    Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
    Client: Magnum Ice-Cream
    Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
    Executive Creative Director: Feng Huang
    Associate Creative Director: Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec
    Copywriter: Sihan Jin
    Art Director: Dagny Rozniak
    Brand Strategists: Karen Ge, Si Liu
    Agency Supervisor: Chelsea Lin, Sherry Zhang
    Agency Producer: Tilda He
    Client: Unilever / Magnum China
    Vice President, Food & Refreshment North Asia: Benny Xu
    Marketing Director: Terrence Wu
    Senior Brand Manager: Aubrey Xu
    Assistant Brand Manager: Min Lim
    Assistant Brand Manager: Vicky Xu
    Production: Nion Tokyo
    CEO: Moriya Takayuki
    Producers: Yumi An/ Yuna Hori/ Kosuke Onishi/ Lin Yin
    Line Producer: Nobuki Ogawa
    Print Producer: Shion Kimura
    Director: Chris Rudz
    Director of Photography: Andrzej Rudz
    Photographer (Key Visual): Genki Ito
    Photographer (Social Posters): Yusuke Kusaba
    Art Director: Motty
    Post-Production: Cutters studios
    Editors: Luc-Yan Picker/ Ruri Abe
    CGI artist: Ani-cafe
    Credits (Magnum global footage):
    Director: Martin Werner
    D.O.P : Nicolaj Bruel
    Production Company: Proppa
    Executive Producer: Pablo Martínez
    Art Director: Peter Grant/Pancho Chamorro
    Wardrobe: Melanie Buchave/Lucia Lopez Spinola
    Editor: Filip Malasek / Robota
    Post House & Colorist: Bacon X


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