Japanese Sports Drink Pocari Sweat to Advertise on the Moon

Pocari Sweat, a Japanese sports drink popular in Korea and Japan, is planning to boldly advertise where no one has advertised before. The moon.

In October a titanium can of Pocari Sweat will catch a ride on the first commercial flight to the moon, making it the first product ever promoted from the the lunar surface –a celestial campaign exceeding even Pizza Hut’s pizza delivery to the International Space Station back in 2001.

And into the brave new world we go:


Son: “Is that Venus, dad?”
Father: “No, son, I think that’s a Snickers ad.”

Most people outside of Asia have never heard of Pocari Sweat, (it’s been around since 1980 and tastes similar to a slightly salty Gatorade) but parent company, Otsuka, is hoping a high profile space flight will change all that.

that the firm Astrobotic will deposit a can on the moon is ironic, considering they additionally develop technologies for clearing space trash.


After riding aboard a Falcon 9 rocket developed by Elon Musk’s Space X company, the blue and white Pocari Sweat can will be delivered to the surface using Astrobotic Technology’s “Griffin” lander.

Astrobotic was recently in the news for their expansion into the lunar funeral market. The fact that they are the chosen firm to deposit a can on the moon is irony of cosmic proportion, considering they additionally develop technologies for clearing space trash.

One (not so) expensive leap for drink-kind

How much Pocari Sweat is paying for the moon promotion has not been disclosed. But according to the Astrobotic website, the firm charges a minimum of $1.2 million per kilo of cargo delivered to the moon.

Getting the can to the moon is only part of the problem, it has to stay there. For that, Otsuka hired Singapore-based firm Astroscale to design a custom Pocari Sweat container capable of withstanding spaceflight and life on the lunar surface.

The drink itself will be in powdered form, (like Tang, which still remains the first drink consumed on the moon) so you’ll need to take water with you if you want to drink it.

According to Otsuka, part of the campaign theme is to inspire kids to go to the moon and try to drink the beverage –along with inspiring more adults to simply make the trip to the store to drink their beverage.

Pocari Sweat Japan Moon - Branding in Asia

Singapore-based firm Astroscale to designed a container capable of withstanding spaceflight and life on the lunar surface.

The specially engineered Pocari Sweat can will also serve as a time capsule packed with 120 laser-etched titanium plates containing 3,800 messages from children and members of the public who submit a text message via smartphone.

And, for good measure, there is a song from J-Pop group “GReeeeN“, a Fukushima-based band made up of four dentist whose identities are kept anonymous so their fame won’t undermine their dentistry careers. (Like killing lions I suppose, and yes that Fukushima).

Speculation is that, altogether, the total price of this Pocari promotion will be less than $8 million –which makes it cheaper than a one-minute commercial spot during the Super Bowl.

So, there’s that.

Stay tuned for more from the final ad frontier. It’s seems a great promotional move for the company, as long as the tagline for Pocari Sweat does not become, “We’re out of this world.”

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