Old Man’s Head, Young Woman’s Dancing Body: Japanese Ice Cream Maker’s Mesmerizing Ad

We love this new ad from Japanese ice cream maker Akagi Nyugyo featuring an older man’s head on a younger woman’s body getting a groove on. It’s one of those things you start watching and the next thing you know it’s over and you’re not sure what just happened but it was good whatever it was kind of thing.

The wackiness of the 1:30 ad promoting Akagi’s “Sof” ice cream, makes perfect sense for a brand that is known for ice cream flavors such as spaghetti and potato stew. Launched in 1981, they sell over 4 billion ice treats every year.

And they’re a company with class. You might remember reading about it last year when executive management made a public apology for having no choice but to raise prices.


In a 60-second spot aired nationally, they appeared in front of their headquarters in Fukiya, bowing in contrition while accompanied by a Japanese folk song playing in the background.

Good stuff. Now hand me that spaghetti popsicle.


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