Brand Element Design: Japanese Premium Black Garlic Aomori

Who doesn’t love garlic? Apparently, black garlic is a thing. So says

The latest “it” ingredient is aged black garlic. It’s matte-black and gooey-soft with a chewyishy texture. It’s the new plaything of gourmet restaurant kitchens across the U.S.. and its recent appearance on Top Chef and Iron Chef television shows created newfound fame for this otherwise frightful thing. Trust me, if you found this on your kitchen counter and didn’t know that it was supposed to be black, you’d probably think it was rotten.

Here is some cool packaging of black garlic from a company in Japan. Judging from the description above, it needs cool packaging.


We love the subtle nature of the design –simple, elegant and pleasing to the eye.


Premium-Black-Garlic-01 Premium-Black-Garlic-02 Premium-Black-Garlic-04 Premium-Black-Garlic-05


Designer: Keiko Akatsuka
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Black Garlic
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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