Japanese Condoms a Good Fit in Chinese Market

Japanese condom companies are battling declining sales as fewer and fewer Japanese want to have sex. The new breed of not breeders, sometimes referred to as “soushokukei-danshi” or herbivore boys in Japanese popular culture, are putting a dent in condom bottomlines.

In a 2015 survey by the Japan Family Planning Association 49 percent of respondents said they had not had sex in the past month –blaming fatigue, a loss of spark, or the feeling that sex was not worth the hassle. Even more interesting was the finding that 20 percent of males aged 25 to 29 just said they have no interest.

Thankfully, the Chinese are still getting jiggy with it and are buying more and more of Japan’s “high quality” prophylactics reports Bloomberg:


Demand for foreign-brand rubbers has surged in China, and its tourists visiting Japan in record numbers are loading up, so much so that Sagami’s thinnest product has sold out. Now the Kanagawa-based company is limiting the volumes it’s dispatching from its remaining product inventory to avoid some shops missing out before the Feb. 8 Lunar New Year, President Ichiro Ohato said.

“Thanks to this inbound business, we’re suddenly facing shortages,” said Ohato, 67, whose grandmother founded the business in 1934. “Retailers have been bombarding us with calls every day, telling us they want more and more.”

A lot of the increased demand for Japanese condoms is due to the incredibly low quality of Chinese condoms –a product that you want to do what you want it to do when you want it to do it. Right?

In April of last year Shanghai police seized 3 million fake Chinese-made condoms. And two years earlier, Ghana authorities confiscated 1 million condoms imported from China that reportedly burst during sex.


If you’re in the quality condom business, China is hot for your business now. Get in while you can.

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