Japan Approves First-ever Billboard Promoting a Cannabis Product

The first ever billboard campaign promoting a cannabis product in Japan was installed in Tokyo’s Omotesando train station earlier this month promoting Elixinol Hemp Oil, which is made from pure CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

CBD is one of the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and it’s being pitched as a potent antioxidant with exceptional nutritional qualities and a range of health benefits.

CBD is legal at a federal level in Japan, however, up until this point, no companies producing CBD products were allowed to advertise.


“Japan has a very strong cultural connection with hemp, and its use by our people dates back to ancient times,” said Makoto Matsumaru, CEO of Elixinol Japan. “Elixinol has been supplying hemp oil products to Japan for over three years, however up until now we have not been able to actively market the product range.”

“Approval to commercially advertise our Hemp Oil Drops is a major win for the hemp industry and comes after many months of working with the relevant authorities to gain authorization.”

Elixinol is headquartered in Australia, with major hemp manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A and global distribution of its hemp-based supplements.

“Japan has the third largest consumer economy in the world, and the audience is both sophisticated and health conscious,”  said Paul Benheim, CEO of Elixinol Global Limited. “Culturally, the Japanese people embrace natural health care, and with an aging population there is huge interest in preventative health and wellness through clinical grade CBD supplements,”


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