It’s the Little Things That Will Keep you Covid Safe This Winter Says Campaign in Australia

The NSW Government has launched “Little Things,” the latest campaign via Ogilvy that highlights the little things the public can do to stay covid safe this winter.

The campaign brings to life the little things by, you guessed it, creating miniature worlds, where COVID safety objects integrate with their surroundings – showing how non-invasive these everyday items and behaviors can be –despite making a huge impact.

The miniature worlds were crafted in partnership with Photoplay and Dropbear, using a mix of 3D printing, model painters, and set designers to build scenarios – from a basketball painted on the head of a pin, and dumplings smaller than a grain of rice, to skateboards fashioned from RAT tests and tissue packet couches.


“We’ve partnered with the team at the NSW Department of Customer Service since the height of the pandemic, and we have never met a more resilient team of people,” said Nathan Quailey, general manager Ogilvy Australia.

“We’re going to help people see that just doing ‘the little things’ helps keep us COVID safe,” said Toby Talbot, Chief Creative Officer of the Ogilvy Network ANZ.


“Integrating real face masks and RAT tests into little dioramas of miniature people feels like a fresh new take to us, and we’re delighted with the result”.


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Australia

Production Company: PhotoPlay

Director: Dropbear