Is Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Soon to be Reality?

Screenshot from 2014 Samsung promo

If we’re to take the increasing rumors seriously, then Samsung is set to actually launch a new smartphone that will fold up just like your wallet. Word on the web is that the device, that could feasibly put twice the screen size in your pocket, will actually be in your pocket by as early January 2016.

The flying car can’t be far behind, my friends.

Popular Samsung-rumor blog, Sammobile, reports that currently the smartphone is being tested in China, under the widely-reported codename “Project Valley.”


Another Samsung site, Patently Mobile, says they have across the patent that possibly shows how the folding mechanism Project Valley device might actually work.

Samsung foldable phone patent hinge - branding in asia

Samsung’s patented hinge.

More photos of the supposed Samsung patent. Let's hope the photos weren't made with the Samsung camera.

More photos of the supposed Samsung patent. Let’s hope the photos weren’t made with the Samsung camera.

Samsung has never shied away from flaunting its bendable screen technology at many of their technology conferences. The Youm flexible OLED display was shown off by Samsung executives as far back as 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show.


This technology may turn out to be a boon for people who aren’t very lucky with their smartphone screens, as Samsung claims that very thin plastic which can have a high-resolution display can replace glass in the future.

Snapdragon 820 is new to the market and, per reports, Samsung will be using its foldable smartphone to test the new processor. It is believed that the Snapdragon 820 will be used in the upcoming Samsung flagship device: Samsung Galaxy S7, which is expected to be launched in February 2016.

All the rumors aside it’s likely too early to say for sure whether the engineers at Samsung can pull of a working foldable smartphone. If they can, then the it will be a serious gamechanger for the smartphone industry.

Samsung teaser video from 2014



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