Q&A: Priya Dewan – Founder of Gig Life Asia

In recent years the music festival market in Asia has seen its fair share of growth as more and more music lovers make concerts in the region part of their holiday destinations or weekend getaways.

Having seen the potential in the market as the founder of Feedback Asia, a booking agency representing artists for live gigs in Asia, Priya Dewan decided to launch Gig Life Asia, a music festival focused travel company that works with regional promoters who organize Asia’s biggest festivals.

More than just an information portal or a travel service, Gig Life Asia offers “insider” options so you’re in tune with the nearby parties, restaurants, hotels and other goings on surrounding the festival destination.


Born in the Philippines of Indian descent, raised in Singapore and educated in the U.S., Dewan has taken what started as a hobby with her fellow music lovers and turned it into an expanding venture.

Branding in Asia recently caught up with her at the Gig Life Asia offices in Singapore.

What was the inspiration for starting Giglifeasia?

My friends were complaining that there weren’t that many great events and shows in the region, which I knew was not the case through my work at Feedback Asia, the booking agency. I just realized that there wasn’t one site that had all of this information in an entertaining and informative manner, so I created Giglifeasia.com.


Who is your primary target audience?

My target audience is young professionals who would really like to travel to events across the region more often, but either don’t know about them or don’t have the time to figure out the logistics on their own.

What areas are you currently serving and what are your expansion plans?

Giglifeasia.com features events from across the continent, from India to Japan and everywhere in between.

What market trends influenced the shaping of your business model?

There are a growing number of festivals outside of major cities across the region. These tend to be harder for visitors to get to, so I saw a real opportunity in making these festivals more accessible through the information we provide, and now through all-inclusive packages.


Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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