Synergy Dentsu’s Atiya Zaidi on Edenrobe’s ‘I Choose Me’ Campaign

    By Ali Mankani - Rimsha Shakir - Aug 10, 2018
    Synergy Dentsu’s Atiya Zaidi on Edenrobe’s ‘I Choose Me’ Campaign

    Branding in Asia recently sat down for a conversation with Atiya Zaidi, executive creative director at Synergy Dentsu in Pakistan about their work on the “I Choose Me” campaign for Edenrobe.

    “It was more about how we could figure out social and cultural insights and then give them an emotional connection with the brand,” says Zaidi.

    “They really needed to do something brave, and that was the best part about the brief that the client was asking for something brave, they were not asking for the usual shot of the product and glamourizing the product or a hard sell video.”


    I Choose Me

    Be the master of gol rotis or the before and after poster for fitness, study for the degree or ace the degrees of studying, no matter what you choose, choose yourself first.#Ichooseme Edenrobe Spring/Summer 2018 collection is in stores now.Client: Edenrobe Agency: Synergy DentsuProduction: Checkmate INC


    Posted by Synergy Dentsu. on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    About Women

    One interesting insight gleaned from the research for the campaign was the state of women in Pakistan in terms of their personal aspirations to improve themselves.

    “The urban women of Pakistan are extremely talented, they are very competent and they get a lot of things done, but their desire to do stuff or their reasons for doing so many things are just because of marriage proposals, they’re not doing it for themselves.”

    And that’s where the brand connects said Zaidi, “You should choose things which are for you.”

    Check out the full conversation with Atiya Zaidi here:



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