Interactive Video Production Map Helps Brands Find Places to Shoot During COVID-19

While the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to create new challenges for the ad industry to produce content for brands, the demand for video has surged as people spend more time at home, and online activity skyrockets.

According to a report from the Global Web Index, 87% of U.S. consumers and 80% of UK consumers alone have increased media consumption since the outbreak alone – and millennials are also increasingly consuming content by live streaming (30%) or podcast (20%).

In an effort to help brands and agencies adapt to increased consumption trends – while also taking in to account government social-distancing policies – video creation platform 90 Seconds has launched a video production locations map as a resource to help brands and agencies find which video production locations are open around the world.


90 Seconds used aggregate data from its platform along with its network of over 12,000 video creators across 900 cities and 160 countries to provide this interactive video production locations map.

In Asia, locations such as Hong Kong, Japan, and China are ending their lockdown as are various EU locations, including Germany, Norway, and Austria. If there is a specific country in mind, brands can type the country name directly in the empty field on the right, or scroll down the full list to view.

Screenshot of the interactive map at the time of writing.

The release of this interactive video production location map comes in conjunction with advice for safe video production standards for video productions.


While getting across the border into an open production country is another matter altogether, the map serves as a useful tool for insight as to where you can shoot your next Cannes Lion-winning ad – assuming that opens again as planned.

You can check on the status of video production in various global locations here

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