Instagram Launches Brand Campaign for Australia as Part of One of its ‘Biggest Investments’

Instagram has launched its first national campaign in Australia titled “Get Into What You ❤️”, that pitches the platform as a place for all Australians to connect with “the things they love, explore their passions and discover more about their interests.”

The campaign consists of a series of music-video style films that will be shown across cinema, television, and Instagram. Directed by BRTHR, they feature Australian female rapper Tkay Maidza.


As part of the campaign, Instagram also profiles Aussie creators including Ruel, Poppy Olsen, Samantha Kerr, Rowi Singh, and Jordan Morrison.

“We made our Australian community the center of this first-ever Instagram campaign, and we are excited to showcase the spectrum of interests you can connect with on Instagram,” said Noelle Kim, head of marketing, Instagram APAC.


“Australia is an important market for Instagram, and we wanted to launch one of the first Instagram campaigns here to highlight our rapidly growing local community,” said Kim. “This is one of the biggest investments we’re making anywhere in the world, and we want this campaign to showcase what is so special about our community in Australia, and highlight the value Instagram brings in connecting people with the things they love every day.

According to numbers released earlier this year by Vivid Social, Instagram ranks third in popularity in the Australian market.

1. Facebook – 15,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (steady)
2. YouTube – 15,000,000 Unique Australian Visitors per month (UAVs)
3. Instagram – 9,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (FB/ Instagram data)
4. WhatsApp – 7,000,000 Active Australian Users
5. Snapchat – 6,400,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Snapchat data)
6. – 5,800,000
7. Twitter – 4,700,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
8. LinkedIn – 4,500,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
9. Tumblr – 3,700,000
10. Tinder – 3,000,000 Australian users (my estimation)
11. WeChat – 2,900,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
12. TripAdvisor – 2,800,000
13. Yelp – 1,500,000
14. Blogspot- 1,200,000
15. Flickr – 450,000
16. Pinterest – 290,000
17. Reddit – 110,000
18. MySpace – 70,000
19. RenRen – 70,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
20. Google Plus – 45,000 Monthly active Australian users approx – (my estimation)
21. StumbleUpon – 39,000
22. Weibo – 35,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
23. Foursquare/Swarm – 10,000
24. Digg – 10,000
25. Periscope – 9,000
26. Delicious – 7,000

Source: Vivid Social – Social Media Agency.

The campaign hopes to grow use of the platfrom even further by giving the campaign a local flavor.

“The campaign feels distinctly like Instagram—the films jump off the screen like a music video, and are all voiced by the incredible Aussie rapper Tkay Maidza,” added Kim. “The creative is bold and vibrant, and it mirrors the way moments are captured and shared on Instagram. We are looking forward to launching this campaign around the country, beginning this week.”

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