Innored Korea and Chung Jung One with the Cooking ‘Know How Kit”

Innored is at it again with some interesting twists on Korean branding. This time for popular food brand Chung Jung One.

Innored Korea has put together a concept designed to make cooking fun and easy with Chung Jung One’s “Know-how Kit” designed for anyone in the kitchen.

Fun? Ok. Easy? Ok? Innovative? Not sure, but what do we know about cooking?


Have a look for yourself. (subtitles available)

The kit come with six items aimed at combining ChungJungOne products into a well-designed cooking flow of domestic kitchen bliss paradise supreme.

From Chung Jung One:


[No.1 GROW TUB] A tiny garden where people can farm green onions and herbs aqua culturally
[No.2 SPEAKER CAP] Speaker cap can be used as a smartphone speaker or holder
[No.3 CHOPPER CAP] Chopping cap that enables people to chop difficult to cut vegetables
[No.4 SPAGHETTI MEASURE] Storage container that both stores noodles and measures portions
[No.5 GRATER CAP] Cheese grater that grinds cheese easily and stores them
[No.6 SAUCE PLATING TOOL] Sauce plating tool controls the portion of ketchup at diverse thicknesses.

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