Innocean Launches Social Marketing Company Led by Lee Yoon-Kyung

The full-service social marketing agency is called “Innocean S”.

Innocean Global CEO William Lee has announced the establishment of a social marketing corporation, “Innocean S,” to enhance its social media marketing service.

Innocean S is a full-service social marketing agency with capabilities ranging from developing social media marketing strategies and their operation to creating content and responding to global clients. It is set to commence business this month with Innocean looking to increase its social marketing capabilities using Innocean S.

Lee Yoon-kyung, a former team leader of Innocean, has been appointed as the CEO of Innocean S.


Since joining Innocean through open recruitment in 2007, Lee has led prominent Korean and overseas clients for around 16 years, refining and developing her global business skills to an excellent level. She not only has a deep understanding of and insight into social businesses as an account executive but is also highly receptive to digital trend changes, making her well-suited as the CEO of a social marketing company.

“Social media has become the first gateway that must be passed through on the customer journey,” said Lee.

“At this crucial point, Innocean S will strive to be a solutionist that provides innovative solutions for the missions and problems facing brands (advertisers).

Innocean S will go beyond simply operating social media channels by actively proposing an integrated branding direction from a strategic perspective, the company added


Previously, Innocean acquired Studio Lennon, a VFX (visual effects) company, to enhance its creative capabilities, followed by establishing Studio Abit, which is dedicated to creating content. It also acquired D. Purple, a digital performance marketing company, followed by D-Plan360, a media rep. This year, it plans to push for M&As to increase its digital capabilities overseas, including in Europe.


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