Korean Beauty Brand Innisfree Offers Jeju Flying Bike Tour at Shanghai Disneyland

Visitors to South Korean beauty brand Innisfree’s store at Shanghai Disneyland can take a ride on the virtual reality “Jeju Flying Bike”, transports them to the popular resort island off the southernmost part of the Korean peninsula.

The clever idea was devised by JWT’s PostVisual agency in Seoul, which used a VR drone camera to create the content over a period of three months.


“The challenge was to break the limitation of the small space, and build a unique brand experience that can deliver the innisfree brand story,” said PostVisual’s creative director Hyunbok Jung.

“With interactive play, the Jeju Flying Bike lets consumers experience the brand through their entire body and drives home the brand essence, which is ‘innisfree = pure Jeju.’”

The copywriting is a bit rough and could use a bit of polishing, but the general idea behind the brand experience that PostVisual created is quite cool.

The agency added that they plan to use the idea in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the US.

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