InfoVision Labs Names Krescendo Communications Marketing Partner

    Established in 2014 IVL bills itself as a digital transformation company.

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Mar 25, 2021
    InfoVision Labs Names Krescendo Communications Marketing Partner

    Vinay Barigidad and Ganesh Somwansh

    InfoVision Labs has appointed Krescendo Communications as its 360-degree marketing communications and alliance partner. Krescendo will manage markets including Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, India, US, Canada, UK, and the Middle East with the aim of building reputation and engaging with relevant stakeholders.

    Established in 2014 IVL a start-up is a digital transformation company that provides enterprise mobility, legacy modernization, cloud migration, predictive analytics, microservices among others.

    “Krescendo’s strategy aligns with our communications goals,” said Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director, IVL. “As a start-up, we have witnessed many success stories and transformed many businesses. With this partnership, we aim to enhance our corporate reputation and use communication & public relations to reach out to all our stakeholders across the globe.”

    IVL has grown from 5 to 800 and has offices in Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore.

    “IVL is known as the Apple of India and is witnessing 60% YoY growth,” said Ganesh Somwanshi, Founder, Krescendo Communications.” We are delighted to work with these bunch of techies and assist them in building a reputation and in achieving milestones through strategic 360-degree marketing and insight-driven communications. There are few alliances planned with the Government’s from other countries which will further widen IVL’s scope of work and help build a sustainable society.”

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