OMD’s ‘Deep Dive’ into Search Behaviors in China

Image: Pixabay

As the second most-used Internet application, accessed by 81% of all Internet users in China, Search remains an essential component of every marketer’s digital toolkit, accounting for nearly 25% of all digital spends.

Yet little is known about the discipline beyond spends, keywords, and bidding.

This according to OMD China which has produced three infographics to illustrate key findings from its Dive Search study, which examines consumer search behaviors and how search advertising influences purchase decisions across three categories – automotive, skincare and travel.


“We all know of the importance of Search in the digital marketing mix, particularly in China where platforms like Baidu and Tencent play an increasing role in our daily lives,” said Bhasker Jaiswal, the Managing Partner of OMD China.

“By gaining a better understanding of these behaviors, brands can enhance their practices to ensure they are present at the critical moments of the Search journey…Search will only continue to escalate with growing digitization, and it’s important that we add to the momentum.”

One of the interesting aspects we found when looking at the report is 80% of Chinese searchers regularly use more than one search engine when seeking out something on the web with the remaining 20% remaining loyal to a single search engine.



More insights from OMD China’s Dive Search study can be found in the full research report, which can be downloaded here.

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