Infiniti Explores its Roots in Japanese Craftsmanship in ‘The Makers’ Film Series

Image via Infiniti

Japanese luxury automobile brand, Infiniti, has launched a beautifully shot film series called “The Makers” that focuses on the connection between people and products by studying the relationship between the community of Kyoto’s traditional artisans and their art. The marketing campaign looks to connect the Infiniti brand to its roots in Japanese craftsmanship.

Initially launched with six three-minute, the series enjoyed high organic viewership according to the brand and has also been adapted and localized in key markets including the US, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Middle East, China, and Taiwan.  The production of “The Makers” season 2 is currently in the planning stages.


“I hope that the products that are made with such care and attention to detail are shared with the world we can go beyond any religion or ideology,” said Taisuke Nakamura, Infiniti senior design director.

“It’s not just about connecting people and countries but connecting people through our craft. We have that kind of potential.”


Antoine Malin: Manager, Infiniti Global Marketing
Eric Micotto: Videographer, Micotto Studios


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