Infinitev Appoints Think HQ as its Agency of Record

As Infinitev’s agency of record, Think HQ will deliver marketing and customer experience consulting.

Think HQ has been appointed to elevate Infinitev’s work in the hybrid/electric vehicle (EV) battery circular economy after being appointed to deliver a suite of marketing services to the sustainable battery storage solutions brand.

As the shift to EVs grows in a world increasingly focused on meeting climate targets, Infinitev is drawing on 40 years expertise in automotive technology to minimise the environmental impact of costly EV battery production and disposal.

By creating a circular economy where each EV battery is borrowed by multiple users along its life, Infinitev’s model looks to ensure each battery is reused, repurposed, and recycled indefinitely.


As Infinitev’s agency of record, Think HQ will deliver marketing and customer experience (CX) consulting, including setting up CX foundation tools and user research, and customer journey mapping and personas.

Think HQ has already commenced building the CX foundation for the next stage in Infinitev’s evolution.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Infinitev in growing the impact of their circular economy. Their products and services are not only performant and affordable to vehicle owners, but they also offer a sustainable solution to the problems that come with battery management in a fast-growing hybrid and electric vehicle industry,” said Think HQ Head of Digital Olivier Laude said.

Infinitev Program Manager Bart Moonen added, “We loved to hear what Think HQ is about. Their alignment to our values was essential, but we also love having access to all marketing disciplines under one roof. Our gained capability to tap into all marketing experts is critical for us to unlock the next growth in our business journey.”

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