Indonesian Government Calls on Google to Ban LGBT Networking Apps

Indonesia’s IT Ministry has filed a request with Google that it block upwards of 70 LGBT social networking apps in Google Play Store from being available for download in Indonesia.

IT Minister Rudiantara said that the ministry is unable to block the apps themselves and are turning to Google to do it for them.

One specific app Rudiantara mentioned is called Blued, a globally popular gay dating and social networking app and website that he said the ministry has been unable to control since learning of its use in the country in 2016.


“Blued kept moving [domains], they have changed their DNS (domain name system) six times,” Rudiantara said according to CNN Indonesia.

Since a moral panic in 2016 amongst Indonesians, largely stoked by religious groups and the government, members of the LGBT community in Indonesia have faced increasing levels of persecution.

The LGBT community in Indonesia celebrated a minor victory in December when the the country’s Constitutional Court denied a petition to make homosexual acts, as well as any sex outside of marriage illegal.


However, the new tact by authorities has been to make a weapon of the country’s ambiguously worded pornography law to go after what it considers inappropriate lifestyles.

Google has yet to release any statement on the request that it block the apps.

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