India’s ‘Love Depot’ Launches Sexy New Campaign ‘The Pleasure is all Yours’

According to the campaign, the need-gap is widening in India.

“Love Depot” India’s “first sexual pleasure e- superstore” has launched a sexy new campaign saying that people can pleasure as they please, with various pleasure items attractively packaged and discreetly delivered to their homes.

The Pleasure is all Yours campaign was launched with the aim to destigmatize sex toys and the pleasure that being more open about sex can offer. According to the campaign over 81% of women surveyed reported to be dissatisfied with their sex lives, with 73% rarely reaching their climax, adding that two out of three women admitted to looking for a pleasure accessory either for enhancement or for fulfillment.

“LoveDepot is built on one of the cornerstones of sexual wellness that we often let fall between the cracks: pleasure,” said Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, TTK Healthcare Ltd.


“It is born out of a firm conviction: that everyone deserves to seek and conquer the peaks of sexual fulfilment. It is structured to provide the shopper – regardless of gender identity or sexual preference – an empowering experience, offering both choice and control. And its driven by a single-minded purpose – to close the pleasure deficit in the market.”

As the brand says on its YouTube channel, “We’ve got all kinds of things, for all kinds of kinks.”