India’s Gen Z Consumers More Drawn to Influencers than Actual Celebrities, Report

According to new data released by Omnicom Media Group India, social media influencers are quickly climbing to the top as “celebrities of the new age” and their followers tend to readily buy into their opinions, including product and service recommendations.

Unlike their millennial counterparts, Gen Z is much more drawn to influencers than to celebrities, and prefers “everyday people who share their passions with the world and are comfortable with just being themselves,” said the report.

“These qualities are something people from the younger generation are naturally drawn to.”


The report added that for brands it’s “extremely difficult” to build trust similar to the trust placed in an influencer.

“Every 4 out of 10 Gen-Z feel that their favorite influencer understands them more than their friends. So, instead of wasting resources promoting your brand, you can collaborate with influencers to speak on their behalf.”

A recent comparative data study on Marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z, by OMG Content, offered the following insights into India:

  • Of all the Gen-Z individuals, only 13% follow celebrities, while about 86% of them prefer to follow Instagram influencers
  • Influencers were segregated into different tiers based on their follower count and the study showed that mid-tier (50k – 500k) and nano tier (5k – 50k) had the largest Gen-Z following
  • After delving into the different categories, it was revealed that Gen-Z were more drawn toward fashion, travel and cinema-based pages
  • When comparing the millennial and Gen-Z demographics, the Gen-Z individuals follow about 97.9% of Instagram influencers and 13.1% of celebrities. On the other hand, millennials follow 52% of Instagram influencers and 47% of celebrities

The findings additionally noted that Ecommerce is gaining large traction in the country and businesses are looking at ways to increase online presence and mobility, targeting various social media platforms.

The report noted that “the influence of Gen-Z, the first generation of true digital natives-is now radiating outward, with the search for truth at the center of its behavioral characteristics and consumption patterns.”

You can download the report here.