Income Invokes Children’s Day Song Semoga Bahagia to Encourage Parents to Protect Their Child’s Happiness

    By The Staff - Oct 12, 2020
    Income Invokes Children’s Day Song Semoga Bahagia to Encourage Parents to Protect Their Child’s Happiness

    NTUC Income’s (Income) has launched a new campaign that seeks to encourage parents to safeguard themselves financially with a life insurance plan. Targeted at parents, the nearly 4-minute campaign film showcases a mother and father singing the well-loved children’s song ‘Semoga Bahagia’ to their daughter as she goes through different life stages from infant to a pre-schooler with an unexpected revelation at the end.

    The song ‘Semoga Bahagia’, which translates into “May you achieve happiness” was originally conceived as an anthem to inspire young ones to be at their best always so that they can ultimately be happy in life.

    Many of us might remember singing “Semoga Bahagia” (May You Achieve Happiness). As parents, we cherish our children’s happiness and do all we can to protect their happiness for life. What are some of the special things you do to make your loved ones happy? Find out how you can ensure they will always be happy for life at income.com.sg/ProtectHappiness #ProtectHappiness

    Posted by Income on Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Written by Zubir Said, the song has seeped into the nation’s consciousness with most Singaporeans carrying beautiful memories of singing it as a child. In the context of the film, the song underlines the parents’ wish for their daughter’s happiness.

    The key insight for this campaign was that in today’s world, parents are placing greater emphasis on their children’s happiness. Although emotional and non-material factors are important, many significant contributors to a child’s happiness require a degree of financial expenditure. But when faced with financial pressures, parents risk compromising their child’s happiness as they have to choose between necessities and nice-to-haves.

    The campaign idea is strengthened by a study commissioned by Income which revealed that 82% of parents agreed that money and financial stability are important to their child’s sense of security and in turn happiness, especially when they are young and financially dependent. Yet 73% of parents also felt that they had no choice but to cut back on expenses linked to their child’s happiness if they are down with a critical illness and face a reduction in income.

    The online research, conducted by Nielsen, covered 611 parents aged 30-50 years old and 217 children aged 7-23 years old in September 2020.

    “The survey findings helped us to establish the relationship between financial security and a child’s happiness,” said Marcus Chew, CMO, Income. “In the event of a parent being diagnosed with a critical illness, children were most concerned about their parent’s ability to afford medical bills and not being able to spend quality time with them. In addition, a huge majority of the children surveyed were also concerned that their lifestyle and happiness would be impacted if their parents were not financially prepared for unexpected life events. The use of ‘Semoga Bahagia’ was a meaningful and nostalgic way to bring this message across to our audience.”

    “One of the most satisfying things in my life as a parent is seeing my daughter happy,” said Janson Choo, Group Creative Director, BBH Singapore. “And my biggest wish is to let that continue, even if there comes a day where I might not be able to provide for her. We hope ‘Semoga Bahagia’ will help remind us of these simple truths in life and the importance of getting a protection plan.”

    The campaign will run for the three months.


    Agency: BBH Singapore
    Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Kuntze
    Group Creative Directors: Janson Choo & Khairul Mondzi
    Account Director: Manavi Sharma
    Account Manager: Shu Li Tan
    Head of Strategy: Rebecca Ash
    Senior Strategist: Amanda Lim
    Agency Producer: Kim Lim
    Production Company: Freeflow Productions
    Director: Nicky Loh
    Audio Production: Fuse Adventures in Audio

    Chief Marketing Officer: Marcus Chew
    Head, Brand Marketing: Chloe Fair
    Assistant Managers, Brand Marketing: Charis Leong & Lim Wei Ting


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