In Singtel’s New Film, the Race is on to Grandma’s House

    The film focuses on connections, an apt topic in such a strange time.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 25, 2021
    In Singtel’s New Film, the Race is on to Grandma’s House

    Singtel has launched their annual Chinese New Year film, “My Grandmother’s House,” emphasizing the value of our human connections. The theme of the 6-minute short seems particularly poignant following a year in which most of the world was as physically disconnected as they’d ever been.

    The funny film follows two related families who race to their grandmother’s house for a New Years’ lunch. Of course in this strange year, only eight people are allowed together at once and neither car of competitors knows if grandma’s house will be full.

    Both families eventually find their way into grandma’s house, but that doesn’t mean the competitive spirit is gone. Not by a long shot. Cousins and sisters vie for Grandma’s attention, constantly trying to outdo one another. After seeing her favorite musician through VR glasses Grandma is connected with her long-lost friend.

    How? Well, Singtel 5g of course.

    That’s how the other family had been winning all along.

    “Chinese New Year has always been a great time for us to underscore Singtel’s brand message that connections in the deeper sense of the word should be esteemed, hence the film’s tagline, “Stay connected to what matters”. This is all the more pertinent as Singapore eases into Phase 3 with renewed hopes of post-COVID recovery,” Lian Pek, Singtel’s Vice President for Group Strategic Communications and Brand.

    “Ultimately, we’re all in this together and we should continue to help each other out of the woods. We also wanted to bring some fun and cheer through a film that everyone can relate to, as people look forward to better things ahead.”

    The film is part of Singtel’s on-going branded story-telling strategy, centered around short films that allow the Group to articulate its brand values of family, community, diversity and inclusivity. Last year’s festive film campaign paid tribute to the Singapore spirit of tenacity and perseverance, which took on new importance against the backdrop of the health crisis.

    Conceptualized by the Singtel Brand team, the film is now airing on Singtel TV and various social media.

    “As a company that’s been leading in the next-generation connectivity stakes, we made a subtle nod to the benefits of 5G – from faster GPS downloads which gets the family to their destination earlier to faster gaming speeds and high-definition video calls. As we roll out our 5G network and coverage, this is a tongue-in-cheek way of illustrating how this next-generation technology can deliver positive new experiences and possibilities.,” added Pek.


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