In New Carsales Spot, Grandma Knows Best or She’s Got No Worries, We’re Not Sure

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 22, 2021
    In New Carsales Spot, Grandma Knows Best or She’s Got No Worries, We’re Not Sure

    Carsales has rolled out a new 45-second spot, “Grandma’s Hands,” to introduce their new brand platform. The “Everything You Auto Know” rebranding aims to position the automotive online marketplace as a one-stop-shop full of knowledge.

    A slow-motion hand dancing through a field of tall rustling grass to Bill Withers may, at first glance, seem like an odd choice for a car sales spot. But, after a moment of thought, we think old grandma is the trustworthy, well-informed, experienced one. She knows what she’s doing, she’s seen it all and she uses carsales.com. We think…

    Of course, we could be entirely wrong, and instead grandma’s grooving because buying a car was so damn easy with carsales and she’s got no care in the world.

    Take a look for yourself.

    “While carsales is known for buying and selling cars, it’s their deep knowledge of all things automotive that stands them apart. This campaign positions them as the one stop shop for all your auto questions. Solving your worries so you’re free to enjoy the upside of car ownership. Like airsurfing to a classic Bill Withers track,” said BMF Creative Director, Douglas Hamilton.

    While not the first grandmother-related spot, nor the best, this does prove to be one of the more confusing ones. We’ll put it somewhere behind the Japanese condom grandma spot. That one’s hard to beat.


    Client: carsales
    Chief Marketing Officer: Kellie Cordner
    General Manager, Group Marketing: Rebecca Rizzo
    General Manager, Consumer Marketing: Priya Kanniappan
    Senior Marketing Manager: Anthony Potenza
    Digital Marketing Manager: Caitlin Retell

    Creative Agency: BMF
    Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
    Creative Director: Douglas Hamilton
    Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
    Senior Strategy Planner: Josef Wimberger
    General Manager: Paul Coles
    Group Account Director: Edward Hughes
    Account Director: Denniz Post
    Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer

    Production Company: Scoundrel
    Director: Tom Noakes
    Producer: Morgan Benson-Taylor
    Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
    Art Director: Alex Holmes
    Cinematographer: James Brown
    Offline Editor: Adam Wills

    Post Production: Blockhead
    Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
    Online Artist: Stu Cadzow
    Post Producer: Charlotte Plowman

    Music: Level Two / ‘Grandma’s Hands’ by Bill Withers
    Sound House: Rumble Studios
    Sound Engineer: Tone Aston
    Sound Producer: Michael Gie

    Media agency: Rapid Media
    Managing Director: Vaughan O’Connor
    Account Director: Kate Turner
    Senior Account Manager: Charlotte Jackson



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