Impact Announces Acquisition of Affluent

    The acquisition is the second for Impact in 2021.

    By Robert Cameron - Apr 7, 2021
    Impact Announces Acquisition of Affluent

    Partnership automation company, Impact, has announced the acquisition of Affluent, an analytics and automation platform designed to help agencies manage partnership programs for brands at scale.

    The acquisition is the second for Impact in 2021 and is part of their aim to offer brands, publishers, and agencies tech solutions to successfully manage and grow their partnerships.

    Affluent enables agencies to aggregate affiliate data from multiple networks and platforms, automate and generate custom reporting, and optimize clients’ partnerships with publishers in a single platform.

    “Partnerships are surging as an effective way for brands to surpass competitors in terms of growth. But with hundreds of platforms and affiliate networks out there, agencies today require a centralized platform to effectively aggregate and analyze data to optimize the many partnership programs they manage,” said David A. Yovanno, CEO of Impact.

    “With the acquisition of Affluent, Impact is committed to providing comprehensive analytics and affiliate management abilities to agencies, brands, and publishers, and to further innovation specifically for agencies.”

    In 2020, Affluent helped agencies and advertisers manage more than 1,800 affiliate programs.

    “Impact has proven time and again that they are committed to advancing the Partnership Economy by providing brands, publishers, and now, agencies with best in class technology to drive growth,” said Yonatan Dotan, Founder and CEO of Affluent.

    “We look forward to working together to further advance our technology and enable agencies to easily manage their client portfolios, automate reports and ultimately optimize the performance of those programs across all partnership types.”

    Affluent was founded and backed by Aniview LTD in 2017, a provider of holistic video content and video ad monetization SAAS solutions for thousands of publishers.

    “We at Aniview are proud and excited to hand off Affluent and its amazing team to Impact as we continue to focus on our core business of video content and ad-monetization,” said Alon Carmel Founder and Chairman of Affluent and Founder and CEO of Aniview.

    “It has been an exciting and extremely successful journey for us all.”

    In March 2021, Impact acquired Trackonomics, a supply-side platform that aids content publishers like BuzzFeed, Business Insider, Red Ventures, and Discovery in managing content commerce programs with data about how individual links and web pages are performing.


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