‘I’m Drinking it For You’ – Funny New Beer Campaign from DB Export for Valentine’s Day

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 12, 2019
    ‘I’m Drinking it For You’ – Funny New Beer Campaign from DB Export for Valentine’s Day

    As part of a Valentine’s Day campaign, DB Export is pitching its new low carb beer with the launch of a full song and music video titled I’m Drinking It For You.

    The R&B ballad shines the spotlight on Kiwi couples, turning the simple act of choosing a low carb beer into a gesture of romantic love.

    Come on folks, this is advertising. Go with it. It’s fun stuff

    DB Export, working with ColensoBBDO, is the same duo behind the widely-acclaimed Brewtroleum and Beer Bottle Sand campaigns were based on the idea that enjoying a DB Export Gold could help save the entire world. 

    This latest iteration features two of NZ’s brightest new singing talents Keshia and Tom, who recorded the single, and perform in the music video.

    “It’s great to see a beer brand give a one-handed salute to stereotypes, and speak to everyone equally,” said Beth O’Brien and Thom Darlow, the ColensoBBDO creatives behind the campaign. “This work is a huge leap forward for beer advertising in NZ,” before attempting to clap one-handed.

    The song is available on all major streaming platforms including iTunes or Spotify and is accompanied by a full campaign.


    Client: DB Breweries
    Sean O’Donnell – Marketing Director
    Tony Wheeler – Senior Marketing Manager
    Agency: Colenso BBDO
    Director: Damien Shatford
    Production Company: The Sweetshop
    Sound Design & Mix: Liquid Studios
    Music Production: WorldPeace.fyi
    Online: The Machine Room

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