There is No Shortage of Sexual Innuendo in Ikea’s Kama Sutra Ad

Ikea has released a funny new spot loaded with an abundant does of sexual innuendo revolving round bedroom furniture in its Ikea Kama Sutra campaign.

the 90-second spot opens with the query: “Are you getting enough satisfaction in your bedroom?”

“If you want more, there’s no shame in that,.IKEA has spent years studying life at home to help every bedroom lover reach the highest level of fulfillment. And we’re sharing all of that expertise in this handy manual: The IKEA Kama Sutra.”


From there the flood gate of furniture-focused sexual innuendo are blown wide open. They have something for those who like “like to show it all,” a “climber” (bunkbed) for “those who like to be on top”, and “Doggy Style” for people interested in a bedroom that includes a pet bed

“Many report powerful feelings of ecstasy thanks to the luster of the duvet cover combined with the durable hardwood bed frame,” says the narrator. It goes on and on

It’s silly yes, but it’s more fun stuff from the same brand that made an award-winning print ad encouraging women to pee on it to see if they’re pregnant.


Check it out:

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