IKEA Creates the INVSBÅL Collection for April Fool’s Day Campaign

“It’s like the mess blends in and becomes part of the furniture. That was how the INVSBÅL collection came about.”

IKEA Singapore has launched a new campaign for April Fool’s Day cheekily named the INVSBÅL collection (a play on “invisible”), the range features a see-through laundry basket, a transparent picture frame, as well as colorless storage boxes and clear shoe racks.

The collection intentionally resembles convenient solutions that don’t fully address everyday messes at home, but over time, have become part of the home—simply because we grow accustomed to it.

So what you get are Shoes upon shoes “conveniently” stacked up against the wall, heaps of unwashed or unfolded clothes chucked aside “for later”, and toys piled up in a corner for “easy access”—these makeshift home solutions to everyday clutter served as the inspiration behind IKEA Singapore’s latest collection.


Created in partnership with The Secret Little Agency, IKEA Singapore introduced the INVSBÅL collection on Instagram and TikTok with images of products you wouldn’t expect to see at IKEA.

“Life goes by so quickly in Singapore, and little things tend to add up around the home. To keep up, we often find ourselves using quick-and-easy solutions to contain the mess, and we eventually become used to the mess itself. It’s like the mess blends in, and becomes part of the furniture. That was how the INVSBÅL collection came about,” The Secret Little Agency said in a release.

Shot in real homes and featuring relatable everyday messy situations, each visual seemingly showcases an INVSBÅL product that offers to “solve” the mess for a low price of just $1.04.


A keen eye will notice that there is no real product pictured in the frame, and the price tag hints at the fact that the entire collection is just an April Fool’s joke.

“We knew that every other brand would be jumping at the chance to share a funny joke or a prank on April Fool’s. But we wanted to go beyond that, and use April Fool’s Day as a platform to highlight a real pain point in Singaporean homes, and offer a real solution—but in a joyful and light-hearted way,” said a spokesperson from The Secret Little Agency


Collection name: IKEA INVSBÅL Collection
Lead Creative: The Secret Little Agency
Client: IKEA Singapore

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