IKEA’s Blank Page Manual for Men who Don’t Follow the Instructions

In celebration of April Fool’s Day, BBH Singapore created a campaign spot for IKEA targeting men who unapologetically refuse to follow instruction manuals.

To do so, they made a step-by-step guide with completely blank pages.

The campaign ran across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand on the morning of April Fool’s day based on the insight that “most people who don’t follow manuals are male.”


According to Ikea, “The pride and joy of self-discovery that men experience when assembling furniture with absolutely no help, is the main motivation behind their…disregard” for a step-by-step manual.”

The GIF created for the campaign showcased the old IKEA assembly manual which, upon opening, revealed a set of blank pages inside.

The headline read:


“The New IKEA Assembly Manual. For those men who don’t follow manuals.”

The post continued “If you’re part of the 92% of the male population who refuse to read manuals, you’re welcome.”

The campaign was posted on IKEA’s Facebook and Instagram Pages soliciting comments from “fooled” readers.


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