IKEA Ad Shows the Epic Migration of Plastic Bottles to Become a Curtain

IKEA has launched a campaign highlighting its role in creating sustainable home goods while showcasing how easy it is to be environmentally conscious. IKEA East Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea) partnered with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai for a new film titled “Bottles.” The film stars the Gunrid Curtain, just one of the thousands of IKEA productions that’s both sustainable and beautiful.

The campaign film tells the story of a discarded plastic bottle on its journey to becoming the Gunrid curtain. After seeing the life cycle of the plastic bottle, from the street to a curtain, the film comes full circle when we see a boy help his dad recycle a plastic bottle at home, which will become another Gunrid curtain in the future.



“IKEA has been demonstrating our commitment to create an affordable and sustainable life for Chinese consumers,” said Head of Marketing and Customer Ran Zhang at IKEA China. “Our approach this time is to illustrate how IKEA’s products which are planet positive can also be beneficial to our health and daily life.”

“When we heard about the Gunrid curtain, we were amazed,” said Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, Scott Hitchcock. “It perfectly captured the win-win benefit of a product that was not only good for the planet but also for you and your home.”



“Sustainability isn’t a prevalent topic in Asia, so it was important for us to create a film that people could connect to emotionally,” said Creative Director Dennis Kung. “We used a lot of personification techniques from sound design, to human-like movements to bring the bottles to life. This helped people connect to the inanimate objects, become emotionally involved in their journey, and ultimately care more about sustainability.”

The Gunrid curtain is part of a range of sustainability-focused products that IKEA hopes will help more people live sustainably every day.

“Every product at IKEA is designed very thoughtfully taking cost, function, quality, environmental impact, and look into consideration,” said Executive Creative Director Ian Toombs at W+K Shanghai. “How they brought all this good stuff together in the Gunrid curtains blew my mind.”

The film, which will air regionally across China, Japan, and South Korea, is part of IKEA’s new global focus on sustainability and affordability. Although the company has a long history of being sustainably-minded, this year will mark the first time that IKEA has communicated publicly about its efforts.

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